Meetings & Events


From intimate executive retreats to Vegas-style car launches and national sales meetings, Wynford's strategic approach, tactical excellence, and fresh creativity will help bring your meetings and events to a whole new level.

Imagine you're a store manager for a large retail chain that is experiencing chronic customer dissatisfaction. You're attending your national sales meeting in a four-star hotel. You've been promised fresh coffee, juices, and pastries at the first break. Imagine your disappointment then, when you find cold coffee, warm juice and day old crullers in an artlessly presented lobby that's cramped, litter-strewn, and lacking in wait staff. After the break, the V.P. of Sales asks your entire group how you enjoyed the coffee break. When no one speaks up, he holds up a thick stack of emails demonstrating that your customers have been much more vocal about the poor service they've encountered at your stores. The penny drops: you've been punked; served up an abject lesson in bad hospitality. As a team of professional waiters enters and serves hot coffee, fresh juice and muffins, an effective discussion ensues on delivering great customer service. This is just one example of a unique way to bring relevant messaging to life at an on-site meeting or event.