Culture Building

House of blocks

Research has proven that high employee engagement equates to higher productivity. To engage them, you must build a culture that your people can believe in...with a passion.

Wynford has designed and implemented highly effective Values based employee recognition programs that are guaranteed to better articulate and hold the organization accountable to its values. We create kick-ass employee appreciation events that reflect and celebrate your culture and deliver experiences that remind your people that they are in the right place, and as the saying goes, on the right bus.

Another one of many great tactics includes the practice of integrating philanthropic elements into incentive travel programs. We've discovered through experience that it's one thing to hand a cheque to a school principal in the developing country you're visiting, and quite another to show up in person with two hundred of your peers ready to paint, repair, tile, and plant new gardens around the school. Months before, the entire organization can pitch in with fundraising efforts to support the cause.